Which Company Has The Best Crossbow Warranty?

Which Company Has The Best Crossbow Warranty?

Choosing a crossbow is not always hunky-dory. Trust me, I’ve been there and it takes weeks to shortlist the bows if you are an Archery enthusiast like myself. The most painful part for me was to decide which crossbow I should prefer? One with a sleek body and aesthetic design or the one with a lifetime warranty. 

Well, I guess it all comes down to the warranty because my sleek one is lying in the backyard, broken. Therefore, I have shortlisted some companies with the best crossbow warranty so that you do not mess up big time as I did. Let’s jump right into it:

Excalibur crossbow 

This company is the hype these days in the crossbow market. It has the warranty of a “Lifetime,” yes you heard it right. The company is pretty generous with its warranty. But wait, the warranty does not apply to mishandling the crossbow so you can not get your arrow fixed because it broke in the woods. But, this company is giving painless warranty claims and return policies. For further details, click here.

Distinguished features:

  • Lifetime warranty 
  • 30 days return policy 
  • Easy warranty claim 

Ten Point Crossbows

This company provides one of the best crossbow warranty and return policies. It has a partial lifetime warranty and 5 years of warranty for the scope and limbs and, the company does not entertain any damage caused by manhandling. Although, it does provide an elaborate return policy if the workmanship is found faulty. For further details, click here.

Distinguished features:

  • Repair policy in case of warranty breach
  • Partial lifetime warranty
  • Warranty is not applicable for cables and string

Barnett crossbows

Crossbows from Barnett are Amazon bestsellers so, can we miss them? They offer 5 years of warranty to the owner and easy return policies to save the users from any hassle. The return warranty is only applicable if you have purchased from an authorized retailer. For further details, click here.

Distinguished features:

  • Warranty of 5 years 
  • Easy warranty replacement 
  • Warranty applicable within 10 days of purchase

Blackovis Crossbows

Source: blackovis.com

These strong built and aesthetically pleasing crossbows have my heart and warranty wise, they come with a one-year warranty which is pretty great, considering how some brands do not provide any warranty at all. They are the talk of the town mainly because of their customer services when it comes to warranty.

Blackovis crossbows are pretty generous with shipping costs as well. My favorite thing about this company is that they also provide refunds if they cannot repair any product. Well, I am becoming a fan of their customer service already. Even after the warranty ends, they provide pocket-friendly repair services. For further details, click here.

Distinguished features:

  • Warranty of one year 
  • Repair, replace, and refund policy 
  • Reasonable repair after warranty 

Mission Crossbows

This company stands behind their crossbows and have always taken pride in making the best crossbows and, in addition, their warranty policies are no less than the others. They offer a limited lifetime warranty that has made it easy for people like me, to look beyond the crossbow design. 

The warranty is applicable on legitimate purchases and they do not entertain online purchases from unreliable resellers. Their warranty policy is fair enough with their aesthetic and strong crossbows. So, I would call it a deadly combination. For further details, click here.

Distinguished features:

  • Limited lifetime warranty 
  • Easy repair policy
  • They prioritize their warranty services 


Evaluating some of the warranties have made me realize that I should’ve done better with my crossbow because these companies offer a lifetime, partial lifetime, and five-year warranties that I missed. The best crossbow warranty is Excalibur for me because it is providing a lifetime warranty with other benefits. So, best of luck in upping your crossbow game with Excalibur.