6 Best Arrow Rest for Finger Shooters

The introduction of arrow rests to bowhunting has been a great blessing, particularly for beginners. Most importantly, extreme forces put a lot of pressure on fingers. To help deal with the friction and to provide safety to fingers, there are several arrow rests for finger shooters available in the market. 

However, with enough options being available, the archers get chaotic while making a purchase. But don’t fret as we have put together some of the most efficient arrow rests that will help make your hunting experience worthwhile. 

1. Timberdoodle arrow rest

This lightweight arrow rest particularly fascinates the finger shooters. The rest divides and balances all the forces on the arrow at launch, distributing the load on fingers equally. Moreover, it adds up speed to the arrow without making any interruption on its way towards the target.

 With a wide range of features, this rest makes the shooting worry-free. The best thing about the tool is that it is compatible with all the bows, and arrows finger shooters carry in their arsenal.

Other specialties include :

  • It has a hunter fin on the bottom and a speed fin on the side perfecting the arrow flight. 
  • It ensures quiet draw as it has a smoke quiet silencing tape
  • It weighs 0.28 pounds

2. AA & E Cavalier Super Flyte Rest

The AA & E Cavalier Super Flyte Rest is one of the most durable, precise, and simple rests available in the weaponry market. The manufacturing of this tool is done keeping in mind the modern compound bow. Its exceptional design solves a swarm of tuning problems, making it an ideal rest for finger shooters.

The multitude of features include:

  • For easy installation, it comes with a versatile mounting bracket. 
  • There is a replaceable support arm to help the archers make quick changes easily. 
  • The item weighs 0.11 pounds with a hex rod and a removable side plate for deep cut center bows, and use without or with a plunger respectively. 

3. BEAR Archery Stick On Arrow Rest 

The Archery Stick On Arrow Rest is one of the most versatile arrow rests that comply with all the bowhunting methods. To hold the arrows firmly, it comes with a self-adhesive back and fingers. At launch, it becomes extremely hard to bear with the pressure caused by friction. However, employing this rest will help finger shooters with reduced friction on the bowstring.

The add-on features are:

  • It comes for both right and left-hand finger shooters. 
  • Helps one get the most out of vanes and feathers. 
  • The weight of the rest is 0.02 pounds – exceptionally well for keeping the bow light and handy. 

4. AMS M152 Tidal Wave Rest

The AMS M152 Tidal Wave Rest is an all-rounder among arrow rests employing all the features that finger shooters look for while hunting. As the name suggests, the Tidal Wave Rest makes sure you hit the arrow right at the target. It keeps the arrow well-oriented and straight towards the aim. The archers can load the arrow through the rest or can snap it in from the side as per their convenience.

To enhance durability, it is extremely essential to employ accessories that reduce wear and tear on the bow. Thanks to the existence of Tidal Wave Rest’s internal spinning rollers that reduce wear and provide extra support to the arrow. 

Other features are:

  • The rest weighs 0.15 pounds
  • The rest is ideal for both right and left-hand finger shooters

5. NAP Apache Arrow Rest

Offering a sound dampening feature to provide a better and less noisy experience, the Apache arrow rest has all the capabilities to enhance the operation. The good part is that you don’t need to worry about fine-tuning in the field as it equips laser graduations.

 Moreover, you don’t need to be considerate about extreme weather conditions, thanks to its all-metal construction that resists the effect of shine or rain.

Other eye-catching features include :

  • The weight is 0.05 pounds. 
  • Little friction between the vanes and the rest to avoid any kind of malfunctioning caused by vibrations. 
  • There is a free release design that makes sure your arrows fly with the speed of light. 

6. NAP Center Rest Flipper

Equipped with a built-in cushion plunger, this rest is extremely easy to tune. Offering extreme ease and durability, one can change the head without compromising on their sight settings. One can easily adjust the flipper arm if it’s accidentally pushed back. A burger-button hole and a cutout riser make it versatile to fit all the bows. There is a Teflon coated wire that never breaks nor it creates any twists while you are on a hunt. For more, click here.

Other distinctive features include:

  • The rest weighs 0.01 pounds
  • Extremely compatible even with large diameter arrows


To sum up, this guide lists the best arrow rests every finger shooter needs while hunting. It is important to mention that our list does not follow any particular sequence, so you can nonchalantly choose any of the rest irrespective of their number on the list as each product has distinctive features to provide you with a great hunting experience.