Do Compound Bows Wear Out?

We know that compound bows are a lifetime investment, and you want your bow to last forever. Though compound bows are very durable and last for decades but, like any other machine, bows wear out and need time to time maintenance. 

It is hard to invest hundreds of dollars on a bow and see it wearing out because compound bows do wear out, not the bow itself but its different parts. So, you do not want to go through the pain of seeing your favorite bow useless, and that is why we will be telling you everything you need to know to keep your bow in mind condition. 

How To Know That Your Compound Bow Is Worn Out? 

A compound bow as a whole is a union of different parts, and not only the bow itself but all its parts also require individual attention and maintenance. So, you must know that which part of your bow is worn out and then get it repaired. 

  • Strings

The strings are the most significant part of your bow, and they face most of the pressure and force, which is why they are prone to damage. Before using your bow, make sure to run your hands on the bowstrings every day and if you feel any kind of dryness or fuzzy texture, know that your bowstring is wearing out. 

  • Servings Of Bow Strings 

The servings of your bowstring also wear over time due to constant use or being exposed to a lot of force and friction; that is why if you see any loosening in the servings of your bowstring, it is when you know that it is wearing out. 

  • Limbs 

Limbs of your compound bow are also prone to wearing out, and after strings, they go through the most pressure. Limbs usually break or become non-flexible, and you will most certainly know when the limbs of your compound bow are wearing out. 

  • Screws

Screws are the uniting power of your compound bow, and all the parts are joined together by tons of screws, but what if screws wear out with time? Well, it is justified because the amount of tension and vibration screws that endure with each shot makes them quite vulnerable to damage, so that is why you need to keep an eye on the screws. 

It is not easy to identify that the screws are worn out until they actually cause some real damage to your compound bow; that is why regular maintenance and checks are crucial. 

  • Cams

Cams perform the simple job of pulling the string and maintaining tension in it, but this simpler thing can affect your game a lot, so your bow’s cams must work properly. You will know that the cams are derailed or broken when your strings won’t be having any tension. 

How To Protect Your Bow From Wearing Out 

If you want to protect your bow from wearing out easily, then the maintenance of your bow and its parts is very important, especially when any of the parts have recently encountered damage. There are different types of maintenance, the regular ones, the particular ones, and the annual ones, so let’s find out about all these maintenance and strive for the longevity of the bow of your dreams. 

  • General Maintenance 

In general maintenance, you go for a routine check-up of your compound bow just like you do with your car, pamper it a bit and check if there is any problem with it. This routine maintenance gives you a chance to detect a problem before it has actually become a big plus problem. 

You can do general maintenance of your bow at home with some necessary things, or you can take it to the Archery shop and get it checked professionally. 

  • Maintenance Of Parts

The parts of your bow need a lot of maintenance, and you would have to get individual parts repaired in case of any damage. So, let’s find out how you can maintain the parts of your bow for a longer life of your favorite compound bow. 

  1. Repairing Bow Strings

The dryness in your bowstrings can be fixed by a simple wax that can make it as good as new. You can get this wax from the Archery shop and use it regularly to keep your bow in mint condition. Also, after a certain time, you have to change your bowstrings as you can use them for a year or so. You need to get them changed, and you can do that from any Archery shop near you. 

  1. Repairing Servings Of Bow Strings 

Servings of your bowstrings can be repaired from the archery shop. It will be repaired from the point it is used the most. It will hardly take any time in repair, and your serving will be all set to shoot. 

  1. Repairing limbs 

Watch your limbs closely and if they break, replace them from the nearest shop. Use your compound bow with care, and do not keep it anywhere roughly. 

  1. Repairing Screws And Cams 

Tighten your screws once a month so that you do not encounter any parts popping out of your bow. Also, replace your cams if they are worn out or broken. You can get them replaced from any Archery shop. 

  • Annual Maintenance 

Annual maintenance is done to keep your bow in perfect working condition always. In these annual maintenance sessions, each part of your bow is examined closely and is replaced if there is any need for it. Strings are also replaced annually, and your bow is made ready for another long year of shooting. Never miss out on this annual maintenance as it is crucial for your bow’s life. 


Yes, your compound bow does wear out, and you have to take care of its maintenance regularly. You need to check your bow after every shooting session closely. Also, save your bow from dry firing because it also damages your compound bow. 

We hope this article helped you understand how you can always keep your favorite bow in perfect health. Wishing a long life to your compound bow.