Best Crossbow Rail Lube 2023

Collecting swarms of crossbows as an arsenal is every archer’s favorite hobby. However, maintaining the said collection is yet another substantial task for bowhunters. Crossbows require lubrication as the rail frequently gets jammed, and the frictional forces develop due to which bows either require a lot of pressure or sometimes even get damaged due to wear and tear. 

Therefore, it is essential to lubricate the bow, and thanks to the several rail lubes being available in the market, bowhunters can easily add durability and smoothness to their bows.

How to Lube the Crossbow?

Now that we can appreciate the importance of lubes for crossbows, let’s discuss how to lube the crossbow. Always make sure you keep an eye on your rail. Whenever it looks dry or rough, and you feel resistance while shooting, that’s the right time to lubricate your bow. All you need to do is put one or two drops of any Rail Lube on the rail. Rub the drops along the length of the entire rail wherever the string comes in contact with using your finger or the applicators provided with the lube pack.

Most lubes also come with guidelines on how to lubricate a particular product. Therefore, following the guidelines and the general method of lubrication, you can impart durability and lifetime to your bow.

Check out our list below for some of the best rails lubes you can invest in this hunting season.

1.TenPoint Crossbow Flight Rail and Trigger Lubricant

No doubt that the TenPoint is a name well known in every hunting circle, and therefore, it does not come as a surprise that they also offer the best of any lubricant available for your crossbow rails and strings. This crossbow flight rail lubricant comes in two formulas, Standard and Venom Premium.

It’s also guaranteed not to clog your crossbow’s trigger mechanism since it requires only two drops to sufficiently coat either side of the rail. And not to mention, just a little goes a long, long way, therefore definitely a product with good value for money. Further, just to mention a few of its other distinctive characteristics:

  • It holds up even in extremely cold weather conditions without gumming
  • The slick formula allows for at least 75-100 shots between lubrications
  • Can also be used to wax the trigger mechanism 
  • Does not collect dirt or grit

2.Barnett Outdoors Crossbow Lube Wax, 3-Pack

The Barnett Crossbow Lube Wax comes only in a 3-Pack quantity, and while they are just the size of your regular chapsticks, they last very long. More so, these make your crossbows last even longer. The brand recommends applying the lube after at least every 5 shots. It helps in significantly reducing wear and maintaining top-notch accuracy with each coat.  

Unlike some other harder waxes in the market, Barnett Lube Wax has a much softer formula and spreads on the flight rail like a dream. On top of it, the soft wax can also help lubricate the crossbow strings and cables. But you have to be mindful that you do not wax the string’s center serving, or it will cause the wax to accumulate in the trigger box and prevent the string from latching. Few other features of this lube include:

  • Increased arrow speed with each shot
  • Minimizes the friction
  • Odorless
  • Ideal for extending the life of synthetic strings

3.Scorpion Venom Crossbow Rail Lube

The Scorpion Venom Crossbow Rail Lube effectively reduces friction, wear and tear, and ultimately adds durability to the rail. Applying this lube on rails will help dampen the noise. There is a mess-free applicator that allows clean and easy application on the barrel of the bow.

 A small quantity of the lube is enough to lubricate the crossbow, and therefore, once bought, you won’t need to invest in rail lubes for a long time. The best quality of this lube is that it dries out completely, leaving your bow less sticky and clean. Other specialties of this rail lube include:

  • Maximizes speed
  • Waterproof and odor-fee 
  • Reduces noise, wear, and thus, extends rail life

4.Excalibur Ex-Lube Rail Lubricant 

The Excalibur Ex-Lube Rail Lubricant is a non-toxic lube that provides lubricity to your bow. Just put a small amount of the lube on the rail and rub it with your fingers or an applicator. Don’t put too much as a small amount is enough to keep the bow lubricated yet dry. Therefore, if you intend to keep your favorite bow for a long time, then this is a perfect lube for you to enhance the life of your crossbow. Other features include :

  • It’s efficient even in cold weather, while most wax and lubes solidify in such temperatures. 
  • Helps extend the life of your string’s serving and reduce friction, eventually maximizing the speed of the arrows. 
  • Non-toxic and odor-fee

5.Gear Shield Rail Slick Premium Crossbow Rail Lube 

This rail lube is extremely vigorous to eliminate friction. It offers great quality at an economical price. It creates a shiny and greasy surface and meets all the industry standards. It is environmentally friendly and provides you with enhanced and effective performance in the field. This lube effectively reduces wear and boosts consistency and precision while shooting. Other add-on features include:

  • Dauber top applicator that helps you apply the lube exactly where needed, so there’s no need to get dirt on your hands. 
  • It is yet another non-toxic and odor-free lube meeting the standards to keep the environment safe. 

6.Rail Snot Crossbow Rail Lubricant

The Rail Snot Crossbow Rail Lubricant comes with a pack of 3 containing string lubricant, parts pen oiler, and crossbow rail lube – a complete kit providing high-quality blends to improve the functionality of your bow. It is one of the leading string lubricants available in the Archery industry. This ultimate combination of three is power-packed with enough potency to enhance the durability and performance of your crossbow. 

  • The pack is completely odorless and non-toxic
  • It provides an extremely easy application with a precision oiler pen and an efficient rail formula. 


To sum up, the lubrication of crossbows is incredibly important, and there are several options available in the market for rescue. All the products mentioned above are odorless and non-toxic and follow safety standards. Hence, this guide lists the best lubricants so that you can confidently select any of the lube to make your crossbows smooth and frictionless.