Best Quiver For Target Shooting

Good quivers are best friends for an archer when it comes to target shooting and if you are an archery enthusiast like us, you would also be very picky while choosing the quiver of your dreams. We know that it’s hard to choose your favorite quiver for target shooting because you just have so many options and features of products, making it harder for you to decide. 

We have also been there and done that, which is why we are bringing you some of the best quivers for target shooting so that you can hit the bull’s eye. 

1.Tight Spot 5 Arrow Quiver

This adjustable quiver is a go-to quiver for target shooters and for all the right reasons. We are in awe at how efficient and easy it is to carry this quiver. It covers and protects your mechanical as well as fixed broadhead so can shoot without wearing or tearing your broadhead. 

It is free from any type of noise so you can peacefully shoot your target. In target shooting, you are at a distance from your target and you have to constantly carry your quiver, for this purpose, we would highly recommend a tight spot because who does not love an all-in-one quiver? 

Distinctive features: 

  • Strongly built 
  • Ultra-quiet 
  • Protects the broadheads
  • Adjustable

2.Easton Elite

This quiver has always made us feel posh and lavish because of its luxurious design and vibe. It has 4 separate parts to fit your arrows that are easily detachable, enough room it is. The pouch attached to the quiver can also be removed so basically it is a very customizable quiver. 

It is ideal for target shooting because it fits so many gears inside and does not interrupt your focus while shooting from a distance, unlike other quivers. This quiver is specially designed for elite target shooters and we know you already added this to your list! 

Distinctive features: 

  • Gives a boujee feel 
  • Has plenty of space 
  • Made for pro target shooters
  • Easy to carry  

3.OMP Quiver 

This quiver looks very minimalistic and simple for people who want their quivers to be professional. This quiver is highly reasonable and that is why it is one of the most favorite and best quivers for target shooting

It is spill-proof so yes, your arrows would not be cluttered on the ground every time you squat. It attaches with a clip so no need to wear heavy belts now. This hip quiver works perfectly for target shooting because of its lightweight and easy-to-carry features. 

Distinctive features:

  • Light-weighted 
  • Reasonable price 
  • Spill-proof
  • Clip attachment 

4.The Bohning Target Quiver​

Well, for starters, this amazing quiver can hold as many as 20 arrows without burdening you so what else do we even want? It has multiple storage compartments for you to keep your gear in. It is very durable and can be used on daily basis for target shooting. 

In target shooting, it lets you focus on your target without coming in the way and lets you shoot faster and draw out arrows swiftly. We love a classy looking quiver, do you? 

Distinctive features: 

  • Arrow holding capacity is great 
  • Adequate storage for extra gear 
  • Can be used regularly 
  • Classy design 

5.The Mossy Oak Sidekick Hip Quiver​

This super-basic quiver has our heart because it is perfect for target shooting despite being a regular quiver. In fact, it works pretty much the same as the high-end quivers. Though it does not fit broadheads or field arrows, it is still your top pick for target shooting if you want something basic and reasonable. 

It is extremely lightweight with airy material that can be carried easily with ample storage. This also should be your first pick if you are new to target shooting. 

Distinctive features: 

  • Basic but all-in-one 
  • Very reasonable 
  • Lightweight 
  • Fits around 12 arrows 

6.SAS 4 Tube Archery Arrow Target Quiver

In target shooting, carrying heavy quivers may be a nightmare for you but not anymore, because SAS 4 tube is your ultimate and light-weighted solution to this problem. It is very easy to carry as well because of its waist strap. So, if comfort is what you are looking for, it is right here. 

This compact quiver has enough room for your gears and other stuff. It is very adjustable and customizable. Comes in a classy color and looks very aesthetic while shooting. At least, we are down for it. 

Distinctive features: 

  • Lightweight 
  • Has enough room 
  • Adjustable 
  • Looks classy while wearing 


We know how you guys love target shooting and we have tried our best to make it easier and more fun for you by introducing these best quivers for target shooting. Our top pick has to be Easton elite because of its lavish exterior and efficient features. You can choose any quiver you want, based on your need and choice. And do you know Are Crossbow Quivers Universal?