Best Quiver For Mechanical Broadheads

Finding the best quiver for mechanical broadheads is always a hassle. You have so many options and concerns that you end up making an impulsive choice. Do not worry Archery enthusiasts because we have also been there and done that but, after choosing dozens of wrong quivers, we have cracked the code for the best one and while implementing that, we have jotted down the best quivers for you sharp mechanical broadheads. 

If you are an Archery fan, you always want things to be perfect, especially the quiver which is the part that also makes you look cool. But, there are a lot of things you need to pay attention to, like design, strength, safety, and price of the quiver to choose the best one but, we have done it all for you so, what are you waiting for? Read it because your favorite quiver is waiting out here. 

1.Tight spot Quiver Rise 5 Arrow 

This quiver looks strong and well built at first sight and, when you will look at its features, you will be a fan too like us. The hood of this quiver is whoppingly strong that it can even bear the weight of a truck, we are shook already. In addition, the deep hood prevents the broadhead from exposure and causing any harm. These quivers are also very quiet as they have in-built fans so that you can hunt peacefully. 

Tight spot quiver also protects the broadhead by not causing any tear which usually occurs due to the broadhead’s contact with foam of quiver. The tight spot seems an all-rounder when it comes to quivers and, we are in love with it so far. 

Distinguished features:

  • Strong and deep hood
  • Protects the broadhead 
  • It is extra silent 
  • Easy to operate 

2.Truglo Tuff-Loc Quiver

Truglo quiver is the talk of the town these days due to its lightweight and ultra-quiet operation. This quiver is very comfortable to use even for aged people and gives a smooth hunting experience. We adore this quiver so much because it fits different types of broadheads, not only mechanical so, you always have a choice. 

It can fit around 4 arrows and is suitable for both lefty and righty types of people which is a plus point because most of the quivers are only for right-handed people. In addition to all this, this amazing quiver also has a quick-release system that releases the broadhead in a jiffy. Making your next quiver shopping list for the best quiver for mechanical broadhead already? 

Distinguished features: 

  • It is lightweight 
  • Ultra-silent 
  • Quick-release mechanism 
  • Fits 4 broadheads 

3.Straight Jacket 6 Arrow Quiver

This quiver is a treat for the eyes with its aesthetic, black design and well-built body. It can hold fixed as well as mechanical broadheads which are very rare in quivers. It also protects your mechanical broadheads with its dual rubber gripping so that they can be safe from any wear or tear. It has a capacity of 6 arrows which is by far the greatest. 

Despite storing 6 arrows, it is super lightweight and airy. Right as well as left-handed archers can easily use it which explains its hype quite a lot. It also contains a quick-release mechanism to make sure you do not miss your target. 

Distinguished features: 

  • Dual rubber gripping 
  • Fits 6 arrows 
  • Quiet and lightweight 
  • Quick-release mechanism 

4.G5 Outdoors Head-Loc 6 Arrow Quiver

This quiver is very convenient for people who want a customizable fit. The material with which this quiver is made is of elite quality which makes it stand out among others. The quiver is very strongly built and is considered one of the best quivers among archers. The cherry on top is that it can fit fixed as well as mechanical broadheads in case you want to try different broadheads.

It also has an arrows spreader which protects the broadheads and keeps their blade from tearing. This all-in-one quiver also cancels any noise so, you do not have to worry about missing your target because of noise. 

Distinguished features:

  • Customizable fit 
  • High-quality material 
  • It protects the broadhead 
  • It cancels the noise 

5.Rage Cage 5 Arrow Quiver 

This quiver is so aesthetically pleasing that we fell for it at first sight. Its color and design are very lavish and, we are down for it. When it comes to specs and features, this quiver has it all. It has a specially designed foam inside the hood to keep the broadheads from making noise or bumping. 

It is an extremely lightweight quiver with ample space for holding mechanical broadheads. The hood is also strong and is made with carbon polymer. It is easy to carry and has a quick-release mechanism. This makes it one of the best quivers for the mechanical broadhead

Distinguished features: 

  • Aesthetic design 
  • Prevents noise 
  • Extremely lightweight 
  • Strong hood 


Choosing the right quiver is the most crucial thing for the well-being of your mechanical broadheads. So, we hope our review helped you with choosing the best for yourself. We loved the tight spot quiver due to its strength and features but, you can choose any from the above that suits you.