Best Crossbow for Teenager

When considering buying a crossbow for your teenager, choosing the right one is necessary. You might want to buy a crossbow that is easy to handle, light-weight, and safe to use. Keeping all these things in mind, it can be quite difficult to find the best crossbow for your teenager. But guess what? For every archery purpose, there is a crossbow out there for your teenger to help

them learn and grow. Your teenager might have a passion for hunting, or for hitting stationary objects. Most important of all, your teenager might just be a beginner, eager to have a suitable crossbow. 

The cost of a crossbow matters as much as its qualities. You wouldn’t want to get something out of your budget and realise that it wasn’t what you were looking for. So what are the best crossbows out there that are reasonable in price and superior in quality? Down below, we’ve listed the top 3 best crossbows that you can get for your teenager. 

1. Barnett Youth 30 Compound: 

This one’s the best choice out there if your teenager’s a beginner. Barnett Youth 30 Compound Crossbow is especially designed for the teenagers who wish to have an experience of using an adult’s crossbow. 

Its main features are: 

● An automatic safety, which activates itself when necessary 

● Fore grips which makes it easier for a beginner to hold a crossbow 

● Draw weight of 30 lbs to allow easy shooting of the arrows 

● Power to shoot a bow with the speed of 140 FPS. 

● Weight of 6.2 pounds that can be easily handled

● A cocking device which lowers the draw weight to 15 lbs 

● Power stroke of 12.50 inches 

This crossbow’s light weight can help build up muscle strength and improve target archery due its speed.What makes it stand out the most amongst others is that it’s affordable yet the best one.Therefore, your teenager can have the best experience of archery as a beginner. 

2. Barnett XP 380 

Ready to go hunting? The Barnett XP 380 Crossbow will support your teenager for years. This crossbow is known for its high power and accuracy that might get the target in one shot. 

Its main features are: 

● A butt stock and cheek rest that can be adjusted to fit properly, 

● Laminated limbs which allow the crossbow reach the speed of 380 FPS.

● Special carbon arrows that are light and easier to handle. 

● An 4×32 mm MR scope that helps in keeping a faraway target in sight. ● An anti-dry fire trigger system protecting the user from shooting before an arrow is properly loaded 

● A lubrication wax which will help keep the strings working smoothly 

With all its distinctive features, you can get a crossbow that will last for years. 

3. CenterPoint Sniper 370: 

Like every other crossbow, CenterPoint Sniper 370 has its own features. With its sleek design, it provides a real sense of hunting to teenagers. 

Its main features are: 

● Shooting up arrows with the speed of 370 FPS when combined with a machine rail ● A design that reduces its draw weight by 50% with the help of a rope cocker ● A customizable shoulder fit to make shooting easier 

● Outer body of aluminium, making it lighter and easy to use 

● Integrated string suppressors that help keep the crossbow steady while shooting ● A 4×32 mm multi reticle scope to keep the target in sight

With this crossbow, your teenager can have a sense of safety and enjoyment at the same time! 

4. Parker Bushwacker 

Parker Bushwacker is a good alternative to Barnett XP 380. It’s also the type of a crossbow that your teenager can use for years hunting and target practicing. 

Its main features are: 

● shooting arrows with the speed of 300 FPS 

● A G2 trigger system for both left and right-handed people 

● A 3x illuminated multi-reticle scope to keep a faraway target in sight 

● An Anti-Dry Fire ( ADF) protection to prevent damaging of the bow 

● Draw weight of 160 pounds which can be reduced to 50% 

● 4 high-quality arrows that come along with a quiver 

● A vented forearm to make holding the crossbow easy and comfortable 

Parker Bushwacker provides you a lot more than just its great features. It is affordable, and comes with a lifetime warranty. So what are you waiting for? Get your teenager ready to hunt and practice!

5. Wicked Ridge 

This one’s especially out there for the female teenagers who wish to hit the bull’s eye with ease. It’s the lightest crossbow available in the market, weighing only 5.8 pounds! With a crossbow like Wicked Ridge, your female teenager will start hunting like a pro in no time. 

Its main features are: 

● Shooting arrows with the speed of 370 FPS 

● Power stroke of 13.8 inches which speeds up cocking 

● A built-in ACUdraw Cocking Device to reduce the draw weight 

● VX-5 reverse cams to increase rotation of arrows and provide quite shots as a result ● A 3x multi line scope that view a distance of upto 50 yards 

● Double laminated, gordon glass limbs which provide durability 

● Aluminium arrows that are light-weight, fast, and durable.

With all its qualities, the Wicked Ridge M370 crossbow will be the best option if you have a female teenager. In fact, it’s the best unisex crossbow out there for professional uses. 

6. Barnett Jackal 

This is another great crossbow for teenagers who want to hunt with ease. It is light-weight and fun to carry around due to its sleek design. It is also one of the crossbows that are suggested for female teenagers. Barnett Jackal provides enough energy to hunt an animal as huge as a buffalo. 

Its main features are: 

● Shooting arrows with the speed of 315 FPS 

● Draw weight of 150 lbs 

● Power stroke of 12 inches which speeds up cocking 

● Weight of 7.7 pounds that can be easily handled 

● Trigger of 3.5 lbs that is easy to pull 

● A safety measure to avoid shooting arrows mistakenly

● A red dot sight to help lock on the target for shooting 

● High energy wheels and synthetic string and cable system for balancing speed and energy 

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have your teenager get the real thrill of hunting? With Barnett Jackal crossbow, your teenager can go out in the wild and hunt like a pro! 

Which crossbow would be the best one for a teenager? 

It depends on what stage of archery the teenager stands on. If your teenager’s new to the world of archery, then we would highly suggest the Barnett Youth 30 Compound. It is easier to handle and carry at the same time. Not to ignore the fact that it’s affordable as well. But if your teenager’s ready to hunt, Barnett XP 380 is what you need. It has features which stand out the most. Its high speed, affordability, and accuracy come along with its long life. In short words, Barnett XP 380 is affordable and can work perfectly for a teenager for many years.