Best Crossbow for Long-Range

Crossbow is one of the most important weapons of hunting. Hunters always keep looking for better armaments. Crossbow has undergone radical changes in its plan, shape, and functionality. Here we have investigated the hunting experiences of different hunters to make a summary of the top crossbows for you.

This detailed guide can provide you with information on different crossbows for long-range. We have made your search easy by providing information on the best crossbows available for long-range. Let us plunge into the article, where you will have an in-depth review of the best crossbows available in the market.

1. TenPoint Vapor RS470 Hunting Crossbow

TenPoint’s Vapour RS470 is one of the wildest crossbows that brings all the latest skills from TenPoint. It features carbon arrows at a speed of 470 feet per second with a mass of 25 pounds. The crossbow has an ACU slide crank-cocking scheme which makes this crossbow unforced.

Tenpoint Vapour RS470 has a string cock system that helps in reducing the sensations and noises of the crossbow. It has soundless cocking and a secure decocking machine. This is one of the best crossbows with down-range level precision. It is quite an expensive crossbow. However, it has no precise instructions for functioning and sustaining the scope.

2. Ravin R26 Predator Crossbow Package R026

Ravin R26 is one of the best crossbows on the market. It fulfils all requirements for those hunters who want to complete their needs of hunting and shooting with a single crossbow. It shoots at 400 FPS with 142 foot pounds of kinetic energy. The crossbow has an ergonomic hold, which makes it a good option for hunters and shooters. The Ravin R26 is best for shooting in meadows, riverbanks, etc. where there is no chance of an appendage or stick meddling with the flight of the arrow. R26 has Helicoil technology that uses high-strength filaments, which transfer force while shooting an arrow. The R26 crossbow is expensive, and the user needs to buy scope-level separately.

3. Scorpyd Aculeus  460FPS

Scorpyd Aculeus 460 FPS model is a reverse draw model crossbow that weighs 7.5 pounds. This crossbow is balanced with a high speed that makes sure you reach the target in minimum time. It can shoot 370-grain arrows with a fast speed of 460 FPS and uses 100 carbon arrows for delivering with high speed and precision. The Crossbow has reverse draw technology. It has an inverted style cam in which the cords come in front of the cam. This crossbow has an ergonomic design and is available with a wide range of fittings. It has a Kempf TEC SEER-LOC adaptable trigger.

4. Wicked Ridge RDX 400

The RDX is the original leading model of Wicked Ridge. It is a reverser crossbow model for the money that is well-proportioned. The model is light, accurate, and superfast. Likewise, it has a Reaper Cam System™, with the multiline room, and a power stroke that is elevated in shape with 400 FPS with 140 ft. lbs. of energy. The RDX model has an ACU draw self-retracting cord lifting device that provides the hunters with speed and long-range accuracy. The RDX weighs 7.6 lbs, and a length of 32.25 inches, and a width of 9 inches from axle to axle. The Wicked Ridge is fully balanced, and has a unique reverse draw design.

5. Barnett Ghost 410

Barnett Crossbow CRT is the most popular crossbow of Barnett. The Barnett Ghost can fire at a speed of 410 feet per second with kinetic energy of 149 ft. lbs. It weighs 185 lbs with 60 yards of distance. It has the finest illumined 3 x 3 scope, a hook drape, 3 arrows, and a tremor. You can turn on or off the red button of illumination. This crossbow is cheaper than other crossbows and is a valuable option. The buyer is provided with a manual so that he can assemble the crossbow by himself. Barnett Ghost has a potent design and has a speed of 410 feet per second of velocity.

6. Bear X Constrictor CDX

Bear X Constrictor CDX Crossbow is a surreptitious and accurate crossbow that shoots at 410 feet per second of speed and weight of 190 pounds. It has a dual mount string recoil repressor system for decreasing the sound and sensations, with dual string dampeners as standard. Constrictor CDX has a top mount quiver with 4 arrows that hinges at 360 degrees, which helps the hunter to position the quiver in any possible way. The Constrictor CDX has an anti-drying fire mechanism that stops unintended ejection and a protector bar placed over the forearm grip. Crossbows come with adjustable stocks and cheek pieces.

7. Barnett Whitetail Pro STR

The White Tail hunter is a good quality crossbow and shows durability. It is a good choice for hunting. It weighs nearly 6.9 lbs. and has a speed of 400 FPS with a draw weight of 165 and kinetic energy of 140 ft. lbs. This crossbow has 36.5 inches overall length with 12.5 inches axle-to-axle length. The Whitetail STR has Step-Thru Riser Technology to mix the foot-stirrup directly into the riser. Its compound is made of fire glass, which makes it trivial and cool to use. It shows compatibility with Barnett 17455 maverick cocking device. The Barnett Whitetail STR is accurate and quiet. It gives the best triggering skill to the stalker.


This article shows the best crossbow available for hunters. You can have a look at different crossbows and choose the one which satisfies your needs. Before buying, you need to know the fundamentals of what you are looking for in a crossbow. You need to consider the budget, custom, and noticeable features in the crossbows. For those hunters who desire a crossbow with low noise, TenPoint Vapour RS470 Crossbow is the ideal choice. The cocking device of this crossbow is incomparable and their ACU is gear assisted and draws ACU and PRO crank-style devices.