Are RAGE Broadheads Good For Crossbows?

If you’re a fan of crossbows, hunting, or shooting arrows, then you must be well acquainted with the name Rage®. If you’re planning your next hunting trip and are looking to pair your crossbow with Rage broadheads, then this blog will be a real treat for you.

Rage® is a leading manufacturer of mechanical broadheads. They have an extensive and impressive assortment of mechanical broadheads. But are they suitable for crossbows? Should you pair them up? These and many similar queries may come to your mind when you plan to shop for your new set of Rage broadheads.

Whether you want to do it online or wish to visit a store, this blog will help you decide whether you should buy one for your crossbow or not.

Usually, what happens is if you pair any standard mechanical broadhead with a crossbow, its blades open up even before the impact. That is if the crossbow is of high speed.

If the speed crosses the limit of 400 fps, then the chances of the broadhead’s blades opening up increase significantly. 

Rage has a range of broadheads designed especially for crossbows. Some of them are equipped with a blade retention system, while others are crafted with an O ring to keep the blades from opening prematurely.

 Apart from these, Rage has also introduced another range of broadheads equipped with shock collars as an additional blade retention system. 

Rage itself advises that if you want to use broadheads with a crossbow, use them with high energy shock collars. But no matter which type of shock collar you use, it is essential to replace them after use.

So to answer the question, are broadheads suitable for crossbows? You need to use the ones made specifically for crossbows. Otherwise, you may face immature blade opening and other similar issues.

A piece of professional and sincere advice here would be to buy those broadheads explicitly made for crossbows.

Significant Features of Rage Broadheads

  • Broadheads use Slipcam technology.
  • Rage Broadhead specifically is made with blades that are rear-deploying.
  • The edges expand completely at impact.
  • All broadheads come with a great blade retention system.
  • Shock collar or no collars are the retention systems you can use.
  • Blades come in up to 4 different designs
  • Blades have a diameter of 2.3 inches.
  • They cause large and gaping wounds.
  • Provide easy entry holes.
  • Deep penetration results in better blood trails.
  • It can be used for vertical as well as crossbows alike.

Repair, Exchange, and Return An overview of Warranty Policy

All products belonging to rage broadheads are guaranteed to work efficiently without any defects. The Rage guarantees that any of its broadheads, no matter what kind, will work seamlessly without any issues. 

Services Covered In Warranty

If a user ends up with a faulty broadhead product or the product doesn’t work correctly, then you can claim a guarantee and send the product back to the repository for maintenance. Before you file for a claim, remember to get a return merchandise authorization number RMA. 

What’s Needed to Avail Warranty

Claims submitted without the proof of purchase, photographs of defective items, or Return Merchandise Authorization will be returned straight up.

To avail of the guarantee claim, there are certain things customers must make sure of to

Provide the proof of purchasing Rage broadheads, and to evidence, they are the actual owner.

Customers must make sure the product they are claiming a guarantee for is authentic Rage broadheads. 

And that the person claiming is the original owner.

Usually, the guarantee period starts right away after purchasing Rage broadheads up to 1 year of the purchase.

Services Not Covered In Warranty

The guarantee doesn’t apply to any wear and tear or damage caused to broadheads resulting from misuse. Any damage to Rage broadheads caused by the user’s mistake or mistreating the product will not be covered under guaranteed repair work.

Rage has the right to determine the authenticity of any claims filed. 

What You Get

If the claim is found correct, then defective items will be replaced immediately with the same product.

If the defective product is no longer manufactured or discontinued, it’ll be replaced with a similar item valuing at the same worth.