Are Crossbow Quivers Universal?

For using crossbows, you must have arrows. Without arrows, how can one aim at the target? You can’t hold pointed and sharp arrows all the time with you. To solve this problem of yours, you need Crossbow Quivers.

Quivers are specified containers to hold arrows, bolts or darts. Crossbow Quivers are specially used to put arrows in them wherever you go hunting. This makes it easier for you to hunt and be comfortable.

Are Crossbow Quivers Universal?

There isn’t any restriction about the use of the same company quivers as crossbows. Quivers are just arrow holders which are often slung on your back. Nowadays, all arrows of a crossbow come in the same length which is around 16 to 22 inches. This means that most of the quivers are manufactured to carry arrows with that size. Just keep in mind that your arrow must fit in your quiver for your safety. Quivers are usually made of leather or plastic and are easy to carry around. 

Quivers are made to carry 3-6 arrows in them. They aren’t any ordinary container but are made up of proper mechanics to store your arrows fittingly. It doesn’t matter which company’s crossbow you are using, what matters is if the quiver is good enough for your hunting adventure. See our article on Best Quiver for Target shooting.

Following are some Crossbow Quivers which will probably make your hunting experience safe and sound.

1.Scorpyd Grip Quiver

This one is the best crossbow quiver out there. Scorpyd Grip Quiver enables you to put it wherever you want. This quiver has unique jaws to put the arrows in a tight hold. Scorpyd Grip Quiver makes your hunting experience more fun by providing the right quiver product.

Sometimes preservation of crossbow arrows is a bit of hard work. You have to be cautious that your arrows don’t slip away. So, you have to choose the right quiver if you don’t want to be hung up by these problems.

  • It has a space to hold 2+ arrows.
  • It is available in 3 colours; black, brown and green.
  • Your arrows accurately fit in this quiver.

2.Bohning Quiver

This quiver is best for youth who are new to hunting. Managing your crossbow arrows is not an easy task. If you want to make hunting a professional task, you must have the right equipment for it. Bohning Quiver is here to store your arrows.

  • It has mental clips added to it for the safe storage of arrows.
  • It is easy to carry.
  • It is available in multiple colours.

3.Tight Spot 5 Arrow Quiver

This adjustable quiver is a go-to quiver for target shooters and for all the right reasons. We are in awe at how efficient and easy it is to carry this quiver. It covers and protects your mechanical as well as fixed broadhead so can shoot without wearing or tearing your broadhead. 

It is free from any type of noise so you can peacefully shoot your target. In target shooting, you are at a distance from your target and you have to constantly carry your quiver, for this purpose, we would highly recommend a tight spot because who does not love an all-in-one quiver? 

Distinctive features: 

  • Strongly built 
  • Ultra-quiet 
  • Protects the broadheads
  • Adjustable

4.Easton Elite

This quiver has always made us feel posh and lavish because of its luxurious design and vibe. It has 4 separate parts to fit your arrows that are easily detachable, enough room it is. The pouch attached to the quiver can also be removed so basically it is a very customizable quiver. 

It is ideal for target shooting because it fits so many gears inside and does not interrupt your focus while shooting from a distance, unlike other quivers. This quiver is specially designed for elite target shooters and we know you already added this to your list! 

Distinctive features: 

  • Gives a boujee feel 
  • Has plenty of space 
  • Made for pro target shooters
  • Easy to carry  


Always choose a product that is best for you and the one you’re comfortable using. There isn’t a mass variety of crossbows but the ones that are easily available are mentioned above. First, check if your arrows are actually fitting in quivers because one thing can differ from the other and always try the quiver that is easily handled. See our article on Best Quiver for Target shooting.